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Sofia Wylie, star of "High School: The Musical: The Series," reacts to viral TikToks. From your favorite songs like “Gotta Go My Own Way,” to classic scenes with Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale, she comments on it all! #SofiaWylie #TokItOut #TheEllenShow

Jeannie and Rico meet Stephannie, a barista and incredible mother of seven, who has a lot of love for her community in Lindenhurst, New York. The pandemic has made it hard for businesses to survive, but Stephannie made it her mission to help businesses in her community stay afloat by raising money for them in a creative way. Tune in...

Australian singer-songwriter Sam Fischer performed his popular song "This City" from his EP "Not a Hobby." #SamFischer #TheEllenShow #Ellen

Lauren Speed-Hamilton and design expert John Colaneri are back with another episode of "Design Duo." In this week’s episode, we join Cassie and Beto, who have been renovating a 100-year-old house room by room, and need some serious help with one more – their bedroom! With shiplap mishaps, quarantine shipping troubles, and some headache-causing installation issues, will this duo be...

Parents have many different ways of handling their kids. Guest host tWitch shared some sneaky tips from viewers in a segment called “Parent Confessions.” #Ellen #TheEllenShow #EllenDeGeneres

Trey Brown is the 14-year-old CEO of Spergo, a luxury clothing and lifestyle brand. Under the pretense that he’s backstage at The Ellen Show to film some social videos, he is blown away when he finds out what Jeannie actually has in store for him. The surprises build when Trey has a heartfelt reunion with his mentor, Sean “Diddy” Combs,...

Many parents at home in quarantine have been doing scavenger hunts with their kids to get them outside, so Ellen decided to also do that with her Executive Producer Andy. Find out if he’s able to find all the items in Ellen’s backyard! #AverageAndy #TheEllenShow #Ellen

In the Season 3 finale of "OMKalen," Kalen, tWitch, Rico, and Ellen’s Black staff members deliver a powerful message – their Black is essential. Tune in to hear their personal stories about the moment they realized they were Black, and why being Black is essential to who they are. #OMK #OMKalen #KalenAllen

TikTok is a funny place, and Boman Martinez-Reid makes it even funnier! In this episode of "Tok It Out," Boman explains how he began using the app, and the inspiration behind his Kim Possible avatar. Boman and "Tok It Out" host Sierra react to this week’s viral TikToks! #BomanMartinezReid #TokItOut #TheEllenShow

Guest host Sean Hayes gave his take on one of Ellen’s segments, “Oh Straight People,” reading real headlines about real straight people.

ellentube is home to videos you won’t see anywhere else, like Kim Kardashian West surprising a young beauty guru, and Chris Pratt getting candid in “Burning Questions,” plus Cardi B being interviewed by kid rapper Young Dylan!

Ellen loves to play her game “Heads Up!” and loves it even more when she gets to play with celebrity guests! Watch some of her favorite moments playing the game with Oprah, Melissa McCarthy, Usher, and more!

Do you want to win $10,000, and have $10,000 donated to charity in your name? As we navigate COVID-19 and stand with Black Lives Matter against racial injustices, we want to help and heal by spreading love through dancing. tWitch and Allison have teamed with P&G’s Good Everyday campaign to put some good in your day with our new "Dance...

Now more than ever, the world is being reminded that having honest conversations with children is important. Parenting comes with a lot of little white lies, but Kristen Bell, a self-proclaimed truth-teller, is here to champion honesty as the best policy. She is joined by three incredible moms to discuss the well-meaning lies they have told their children, and take...

No one makes Ellen laugh harder than her Executive Producer Andy, so she took a look back at some of her favorite moments with Average Andy over the past 17 seasons. #AverageAndy #Ellen #TheEllenShow

Over the course of 17 seasons, Executive Producer Andy has fallen down a lot – including a recent incident in which he fell while sitting down! Ellen gave him a few chairs to try in an attempt to make sure he doesn''t fall again. Since Andy has given Ellen a lot of joy during quarantine, she thanked him by taking...

Executive Producer Andy’s Slow Walking movement has gained so much momentum, it landed him in an issue of Star Magazine. Ellen revealed even more magazines that recently featured him!

Ellen tested her Executive Producer Andy’s knowledge in a new game called “Too Pooped to Hoop.” Find out if he can guess the correct answer to these trivia questions, or if he’ll fail and have to hula hoop until Ellen tells him to stop!

Charmaine is a very proud mother of a television personality, host, author, and activist. She tells her powerful point of view on the moment her son, then 16, told her that he was gay. By reflecting on his childhood, the hardships he faced while others struggled to accept his identity, and the ways he has motivated and inspired many to...

Kids can be very candid and unknowingly funny, so Ellen shared some notes from children that prove just that... in her segment “Just Kid Ink.” #Ellen #TheEllenShow #EllenDeGeneres



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