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"All I asked in the piece was that we take a moment for those who are feeling grief and sorrow," Dickerson said about his Atlantic magazine article. Dickerson also spoke about it this week on 60 Minutes. For more, click here:

A New York City restaurant owner says she''s concerned about the well-being of the employees she''s had to lay off as the novel coronavirus grips the region. See this week''s full report on unemployment and business ownership in the time of the pandemic, click here:

"We see you. We feel your sorrow. You are not alone, even in this moment of deep loneliness." John Dickerson on how we can respond to those who are suffering from losses caused by COVID-19. To see why Dickerson decided to share these thoughts, click here:

Holocaust survivor Max Eisen tells 60 Minutes about the act of human kindness that saved his life and why it’s so meaningful to live forever -- virtually at least. See the full report on the new project recording Holocaust survivors'' stories, here:

This week on 60 Minutes, Danny Meyer tells Scott Pelley how the coronavirus is impacting his restaurants and the whole industry. In 2007, he told 60 Minutes about the success of his Shake Shack chain and his "no tipping" policy. See this week''s full report on unemployment and business ownership in the time of the pandemic, click here:

In 1992, Lesley Stahl reported on the Nazi officer’s brutal experiments at Auschwitz. This week, she re-interviews one of his victims in an innovative new way, check it out here:

Aging Holocaust survivors now have the chance to record their memories in a way that will allow future generations to literally ask them about their experiences, and see and hear their answers. See the full report, here:

The 60 Minutes team faced challenges reporting on the situation inside New York hospitals now that the city is a COVID-19 epicenter. For the full report on health care workers fighting coronavirus, click here:

The popular researcher explains what compassionate people have in common — and why it wasn''t what she expected.

Boston Celtics'' center Tacko Fall tells 60 Minutes what he expected to experience when arriving in the U.S. for the first time. For the full report on African basketball players coming to the U.S., click here:

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