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CBS News legal analyst Kim Wehle joined "Red and Blue" to break down the Supreme Court''s ruling. which allows states to enforce requirements that members of the Electoral College support their party''s presidential nominee.

The White House is defending President Trump after he said the vast majority of coronavirus cases are “totally harmless.” CBS News correspondent Nikole Killion and Boston Globe deputy Washington bureau chief Liz Goodwin join “Red and Blue” to discuss the administration''s coronavirus response, President Trump’s messaging, the economy and where the 2020 presidential race stands now.

President Trump tweeted Monday that the noose found in NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace''s garage was a "hoax," even though that was not the conclusion of investigators. Meanwhile, the administration continues to push back on the toppling statues. CBS News'' Natalie Brand joins CBSN with the latest from the White House.

Congress is weighing how to proceed with the next round of coronavirus economic relief, before Capitol Hill empties out for August recess. Li Zhou, a congressional reporter for Vox, joins “Red and Blue” to break down the legislative possibilities.

The coronavirus pandemic is just the latest example of how people of color often fare worse in the American health care system. A growing number of medical students and doctors are pushing to change that. Dr. Cameron Webb, an internal medicine physician and a Democratic candidate for Congress in Virginia, joined CBSN''s Elaine Quijano to discuss.

A new report finds that many members of Puerto Rican communities in Florida, New Jersey and New York live in counties with high coronavirus infection and death rates. Carla Minet, executive director of the Center for Investigative Journalism, joins CBSN to discuss the findings.

Country music firebrand and fiddler Charlie Daniels, who had a hit with "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," has died. He was 83. A statement from his publicist said Daniels died Monday at a hospital in Hermitage, Tennessee, after a stroke. CBSN Los Angeles reports.

Black people are more likely to die from coronavirus, cancer, and childbirth than White people — and doctors say racial bias is largely to blame for the kind of care patients get. Now, they''re fighting for change.

Thousands of people of color have shared their own accounts on social media of doctors dismissing their pain or making racist remarks, or of having near-death experiences because physicians did not give proper treatment. One woman told CBS News, "I have to be the angry loud Black woman making a scene for you to do something. ...I used to want to avoid that, but when it comes down to my health, I''d rather you be uncomfortable and me not be...

President Trump is facing criticism for saying 99% of COVID-19 cases are "totally harmless," which is not true. CBS News'' Natalie Brand joins CBSN with more on the president''s comments and how the White House is responding.

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