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A teaser trailer for THE BOYS SEASON 2 has hit the internet, so in these hours of the A.M., allow me to spend a couple minutes giving my thoughts on it! Watch the trailer here: #TheBoys #TheBoysSeason2

It''s a movie review....of a stage production rather than a movie. In any case, here''s my review for HAMILTON! #Hamilton

The classic disaster movie tradition of every 4th. Here''s my review for INDEPENDENCE DAY! #IndependenceDay #ID4

Thank you to Raycon for sponsoring this video! Go to for 15% off your order The 3rd and final movie review for my Nicholas Cage trinity of 90''s action movies. Here''s my review of CON AIR! #ConAir

Now I dive into the spoiler-ish things. This video came across more negative than I intended, but GOOD NEWS!....2020 is almost half way done! #TLOU2 #TheLastOfUs2

The Last of Us 2!! The divisive game that was constructed to be divisive because reasons. Here''s my review for THE LAST OF US PART II! #TheLastOfUs #TheLastOfUs2 #TLOU2

Hannibal was sadly cancelled after just 3 seasons, but all 3 seasons can now be found on Netflix. Here are my thoughts on the series HANNIBAL! #Hannibal

Well, I saw it, because why not? Here''s my review for ATREMIS FOWL! #ArtemisFowl

Thank you to Mack Weldon for sponsoring this video. For 20% off your first order, visit AND ENTER PROMO CODE: JAHNS Pete Davidson stars in this Judd Apatow film about a directionless guy trying to find...well...some direction. Here''s my review of THE KING OF STATEN ISLAND! #KingOfStatenIsland

Spike Lee brings us a new film about the bonds of friendship, and the destructive nature of hate. Here''s my review for DA 5 BLOODS!

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