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Retired USMC bomb technician Sgt. Johnny Joey Jones lost both his legs after stepping on an IED in Afghanistan. But that doesn''t stop him from standing up ...

Military veteran and Former congressman has a message to NFL star quarterback who is refusing to stand for the national anthem because of perceived racial ...

Student group at UWM has put out a list of words they think students shouldn''t use. Is this smart thinking or censorship and political correctness gone wild?

An ugly presidential race gets uglier as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton trade insults over accusations of bigotry and racism.

GOP presidential nominee has had two roundtable discussions with minority leaders and had made the plight of African-Americans a recent focus.

Everyone in President Obama''s administration knew organized terror was behind Benghazi, yet he peddled that silly video story for weeks. Was he that ...

Terror expert Dr. Zuhdi Jasser testified before the Senate about the dangers of the Obama administration downplaying radical Islam before terror attack at ...

Former US spokesman at the United Nations says Istanbul airport attack is more evidence that ISIS has grown under Obama''s watch and the ''status quo'' is nit ...

What is being done to protect airports from the type of terror attacks outside of security checkpoints that hit Paris and Istanbul?

Benghazi Select Committee member Rep. Jim Jordan goes ''On the Record'' on the Benghazi report''s findings and why Hillary Clinton and the Obama admin.

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